Beginning-to-end process control ensures we have the highest quality products for your most demanding applications. Our trained technicians inspect, accept and process each brake shoe core to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards. We utilize a coining process to precision stamp brake shoes to OE specifications. Gauging then takes place to ensure shoe stretch and anchor and roller wear points fall within very tight tolerances. After applying our advanced coating technology, our finished product is inspected again and subject to a final rivet torque test ensuring consistent, high-quality products before being labeled.


  Brake Shoe Kit


 Coining Machine   Because today’s brake shoes have been in service longer and have experienced severe abuse from de-icing chemicals and more aggressive braking, more deformations occur.  We utilize a 1,000-ton coining presses specifically designed to return a brake shoe to OE specifications and to correct these deformations and meet our exacting standards.